What Others Are Saying

People are being inspired to recruit more, hit the next level and are passing the book out to prospects and converting them.

                      Look at what others are saying about this amazing book!

Renee Kosmatka Comments: “Just started to read the book and did not want to put it down”…….

BILL!!!   I finished the book today!!! WOW…….

 (I was asked to set a display in a local bank so when there were no customers I was reading.) WOW isn’t    good enough word. I have to wonder how on earth I even got in the book……….the other stories are compelling…amazing…awesome…. 

Kathy O….

“My Mom Dolores Kay, who has never worked in Direct Sales and is not in the business at all, just bought five books. Go figure” ??????????  

Brian Kaminski, Founder and Co Owner of L’Bri Pure and Natural.

The book is so awesome Bill. Becky and I read most of it and lots of tears were shed. Emotions were at an all time high. I know it will absolutely take my business to the next level.”   

Dan Mayes..

My “Team” just bought 60 books for a small local event and the books were gone before the event ended!  People are loving them.” 

Lennie C.


Give “Chicken Soup For The Network Marketers Soul” and increase downline activity. This heartwarming “Chicken Soup” book is the best thing for MLM this year.  

The MLM Watch Dog

     I bought 10 to start with and gave them as Christmas gifts to my  people. It is a   wonderful book.”Thank-You” and your team for putting it together.

Ruth Goodman



What is a Chicken Soup story

Chicken Soup stories inspire, uplift and genuinely touch people. They include dialog and are filled with vivid images, leaving the reader with a feeling of being there – in the story – with the people involved. Chicken Soup stories create emotion rather than simply describing it. They evoke:

  • Amazement—“Oh wow!”
  • An expanded heart
  • Tears of joy or overflowing emotion
  • Chills up the spine or goose-bumps
  • A lump in the throat
  • A more exalted reason for being alive
  • An “a-ha!” moment of greater understanding
  • A grin, a chuckle, or a belly-laugh


It is a heart warming story that makes people feel something. The stories in this book are heart warming enough that even a prospect that has never been in the industry before will love the book.